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Posts for September 2nd 2010

You leave me breathless

Hello Pixies :)

A little fact about me, I hyper ventilate when I see shoes. But when I saw this...

I almost died! This is the most awesome pair of Chanel platforms I've ever seen. I love how the Chanel charm sits perfectly at the center of the heel. I want this! I want this! Its so beautiful it makes me want to cry, please.

I am never going to do revisions, ever. Its a form of me trying to protest against the upcoming UT3.

Okay, I was lying.

I've been revising since Monday but no bloody information has successfully went through this partially permeable brain of mine. Help me, anyone? So its wrong if I say I revised. But, I tried. I'm in no control over the reason why my brain is repulsive over Data Comms. Its like every time I try to digest the information, everything comes out like a pile of barf.

Skip that topic...

Will be heading to school tomorrow for the YOG Appreciation Party. To be honest, I am super lazy to go all the way to Woodlands. But, I miss school. Yeah, you can call me crazy now :) After that, heading to the Salon with Twinny. I need inspiration of what I should do to my hair. Shall browse through the web later.

Have a nice Friday, sweetums. Love you all :) xoxo

Said you love me but you won't

when you find out who I am

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There's something you should know

I'm honest. I say what's on my mind. If you can't take it, then fuck off.

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